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Over 20,000 Digital BlueCards issued.

In a little over two years since TEACHO adopted the digital BlueCard format, over 20,000 digital BlueCards have been issued. New issues account for 65% the total with conversion of old and expired cards into digital BlueCards making up the rest. TEACHO no longer...

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10,000 digital BlueCards issued

In a little over 1 year, during April 2023, TEACHO reached a milestone by issuing 10,000 digital BlueCards. This number comprises new issues, renewals of old and expired cards as well as conversion of plastic cards to the new digital credential. Holding a current...

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BlueCard is going digital

From 2022, TEACHO is introducing a new ‘digital credential’ or ‘badge’ to replace plastic cards. All BlueCard holders can obtain a new digital version of their existing card at no cost.

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Online BlueCard training now available

A number of training providers are offering the option of online training for BlueCard. With COVID-19 rules restricting the preferred 'face to face' training method, some training providers are offering online delivery of BlueCard training. Training providers...

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BlueCard to have expiry date

BlueCard has undergone a makeover. All new and existing BlueCards will have a validity period of 5 years from 1.1.2017. List up to 8 relevant skills on a new Transport and Logistics BlueCard. TEACHO advises that as of 1.1.2017 all new BlueCards will be valid for 5...

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