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The BlueCard Skills Training Passport System (BlueCard) has been designed in response to the challenges faced by industry in incorporating national competency standards within
the Transport and Logistics industry.



The BlueCard Skills Training Passport System (BlueCard) is:

  • a minimum entry level, work health and safety (WHS) training program that aims to develop and maintain consistent safety standards for the transport and logistics industry
  • designed to promote awareness and understanding of basic safety needs
  • a record of successful completion of the WHS training on a wallet sized card
  • a skills passport that allows additional qualifications and skills to be recorded
  • endorsed by industry representatives and stakeholders who aim to develop best practice in the industry.


To get a BlueCard:

You need to undertake a BlueCard training course offered by one of our licenced training providers

  • find a training provider by searching the list on this website
  • there will be a trainer’s course fee. A BlueCard is currently $55.00
  • BlueCard training is delivered face to face or on-line
  • the training provider will forward your details to us so a BlueCard can be issued.
  • BlueCard is valid for five (5) years from month of issue.


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