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The BlueCard Skills Training Passport System (BlueCard) has been designed in response to the challenges faced by industry in incorporating national competency standards within the Transport and Logistics industry.

BlueCard is administered by the Transport Education Audit Compliance Health Organisation (TEACHO), a not-for-profit company established by industry stakeholders to improve research, training and compliance related to the health and safety of transport workers in Australia.

The entry level for BlueCard is aligned to the National Competency Standard TLIF1001 “Follow Work Health & Safety Procedures (WHS)”. Previously used competencies included TLIF1001A, TLIF107C and TDT197B.

  • The BlueCard program reinforces the WHS roles and responsibilities of employees and employers, raising the baseline safety standard in organisations and aims to produce attitudinal change within participants, offsetting a “she’ll be right” attitude to safety
  • Holding the TLIF1001 competency means that participants agree to read workplace policy/procedures and stick to them
  • The course drives the key principle that when people change jobs or work environment, they have a responsibility to ensure they learn, understand and practice the new procedures and policies. The course builds the understanding that a competent person will ensure they do so.

The BlueCard has the option to be used as a skills passport, to endorse other National Competency Standards up to Certificate IV level. For example, if a person also holds a full Qualification or a Unit of Competence that aligns to a regulation e.g. TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies, these can be added to the back of the card.

  • To maintain quality and standards, BlueCard uses a disciplined approach to ensure Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) provide industry with the highest standard of delivery
  • Training providers are licenced to deliver the entry level BlueCard Follow WHS Procedures Unit of Competency (or as it known in the industry, the ‘F1′ competency)
  • RTOs hold registration under the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2015
  • All trainers and assessors must hold the appropriate qualifications in Training and transport and industry experience
  • On-line training for BlueCard came into effect on a trial basis during 2020.

For more information, contact your RTO.


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