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BlueCard has undergone a makeover.

  • All new and existing BlueCards will have a validity period of 5 years from 1.1.2017.
  • List up to 8 relevant skills on a new Transport and Logistics BlueCard.

TEACHO advises that as of 1.1.2017 all new BlueCards will be valid for 5 years from the month of issue. Maintaining a valid BlueCard may require assessment or retraining at the end of five years.

Holders of BlueCards issued prior to 2017 will need to undergo re-training or assessment prior to the expiry of their BlueCard, i.e. prior to 1.1.2022. Check with a registered training provider.

The Transport and Logistics BlueCard allows cardholders to include up to 8 relevant skills, (e.g Fatigue Management, Chain of Responsibility) on the reverse of the card, making it into a ‘transport and logistics industry skills passport’.